Policy paper: DHSC evidence for the DDRB: pay round 2021 to 2022

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The annual pay award for doctors and dentists is determined by the government following recommendations from the DDRB.

The DDRB has been asked to make pay recommendations for the pay round 2021 to 2022 on uplifts for consultants, the minimum and maximum pay ranges for salaried GPs and on the pay element of dentists employed by, or providing services to, the NHS.

For specialty and associate specialist (SAS) doctors, a multi-year agreement has been agreed in principle. Subject to the outcome of a referendum with British Medical Association members, all SAS doctors will have the choice over whether to transfer to the new contract. Therefore, the DDRB has been asked to make a recommendation on pay for SAS doctors for 2021 to 2022 who choose not to transfer.

In making its observations and recommendations, the DDRB takes evidence from:

  • the 4 UK governments
  • the British Medical Association
  • the British Dental Association
  • NHS England and Improvement
  • NHS Employers
  • other interested parties

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