Official Statistics: REACT-1 study of coronavirus transmission: September 2020 final results

Department Of Health


REACT-1 is the largest population surveillance study being undertaken in England that examines the prevalence of the virus causing COVID-19 in the general population. It uses test results and feedback from over 150,000 participants each month.

The study focuses on national, regional and local areas, as well as age, sex, ethnicity, socio-economic factors, employment type, contact with known cases, symptoms and other factors.

The findings will provide the government with a better understanding of the viruss transmission and the risks associated with different population subgroups throughout England. This will inform government policies to protect health and save lives.

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Published 9 October 2020
Last updated 29 October 2020 +show all updates

  1. Title amended from ‘October 2020 results’ to ‘September final results’.

  2. First published.

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