Guidance: Test to Release for international travel: minimum standards for testing

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Published 24 November 2020
Last updated 1 March 2021 +show all updates

  1. Added ‘vaccination status’ to the list of data fields in section 6 (‘Reporting of coronavirus test results, as a notifiable disease’).

  2. Updated ‘New testing, self-isolation and quarantine rules from 15 February’ section and sections 3 and 10.

  3. Updated to include a link to the list of countries with travel bans.

  4. Added ‘including Madeira and the Azores’ to the Portugal listing.

  5. Updated to add the list of countries not eligible for Test to Release.

  6. Added clarification for providers of test to release on when tests can be provided and administered (section 10: ‘Date tests can be provided or administered’).

  7. Updated guidance to add ISO 15189 under ‘9. For point of care testing’ and to reflect that the 14-day isolation period is now 10 days.

  8. Added link to request to be added to the list of providers of Testing to Release for International Travel.

  9. First published.

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