Guidance: Drug quality assurance database (PharmaQC) information

Department Of Health


The PharmaQC database provides information about products on offer for tender so they can be assessed by QC pharmacists and CMU buyers.

Pharmaceutical suppliers can enter details of their individual products offered for tender on the PharmaQC supplier website.

QC pharmacists can then quality assess the products available and search across all supplier products using the PharmaQC trusts website. Buyers can also assess supply chain risks by reviewing data.

Accessing the PharmaQC websites

You will need to use the Internet Explorer (IE) browser to access the websites.

The sites are designed to work with IE 8.0 only. If you have a more recent version of IE, you can access the sites in compatability view. To do this, in IE:

  • click the Tools button
  • click Compatability View settings
  • under Add this website enter and click Add
  • make sure the 2 check boxes at the bottom of the screen are ticked
  • reload the page or try the link again to view the login screen
Published 4 March 2011
Last updated 29 September 2020 +show all updates

  1. Updated PharmaQC user guide and added instructions for accessing the PharmaQC websites.

  2. First published.

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