Guidance: Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund: round 2

Department Of Health


The Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund was first introduced in May 2020 and was initially worth 600 million.

Its supports adult social care providers to reduce the rate of coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission within and between care settings, in particular by helping to reduce the need for staff movements between sites.

The Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund has been extended until March 2021, with an extra 546 million of funding.

Published 1 October 2020
Last updated 19 February 2021 +show all updates

  1. Added paragraph to ‘Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund round 2: guidance’: “On 19 February 2021, the Department clarified that funding under this allocation could also be used for reasonable administrative costs associated with (1) organising and recording the outcomes of COVID-19 tests and (2) organising COVID-19 vaccinations, where these were not being supported by other government funding streams. The decision to allow claims against the fund for these purposes would remain a choice for local authorities and no additional funding is being provided for these purposes.”

  2. Replaced the local authority reporting template (Annex E) with an updated version.

  3. Updated Annex E to include December 2020, renamed ‘Annex E: local authority reporting template: reporting point 2 October to December 2020 spending’.

  4. ‘Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund round 2: guidance’ has been updated: providers should ensure that staff who need to attend work or another location for the purposes of being vaccinated or tested for COVID-19 are paid their usual wages to do so, and any costs associated with reaching a vaccination or testing facility.

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