The national tracing system has been criticised for not tapping into regional knowledge to reach people, and the current Conservative government change their policies on a daily basis. We will comply with these changes if they are for the public benefit – not if they are for political posturing or corporate gain.

Sadly as the SmS service is provided by a third party we are unable to do this due to the prohibitive costs involved.

You are welcome to use our own Location ID (LID) to verify that our system works as stated. Just send the text EX79PN4 to 07984 393 321.

It is our goal to provide this service either for free, or at a reduced cost to non-profit and charity entities. This is the reason we ask for this information on the sign-up form. Please use the Donate button below to give whatever you can to help us achieve this.

The good people at White Court did the site and provide support and SmS services. The website was built for free via their Pro Bono service, for which we are very grateful.

Just login to your member area and press the cancel button; it’s as easy as that.

We are an independent group who try to provide not for profit services to the public. We are not allied or associated to any business or government agency, nor are we affiliated to any political party.

We can accept other payment methods in certain circumstances but an administration fee of £5 will be applied for each payment.

By default your visitor data will be kept for 21 days regardless of your subscription status. However, your Location ID (LID) will not register any visitors when your subscription expires. You can of course cancel and re-subscribe at any time using your login details.

Subscription fees are used to pay for the service. These costs include:

  • SmS Auto-Reply credits
  • Dedicated SmS Numbers
  • Website & Tech fees
  • Basic administration costs

We will publish our full accounts online every year in April.

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Please contact us for any Q&A not listed here at this time.