Detailed guide: Short-term paid work in adult social care

The government is asking people to register their interest in taking up short-term paid work in the adult social care sector. This will help to meet urgent additional staffing requirements during winter.

Working in adult social care can be challenging but rewarding and youll make a real difference to peoples lives every day.

Who can register

Were looking for people who will:

  • treat others with dignity and respect
  • work well with others
  • provide the best care and support possible to some of the most vulnerable people in society

You can register even if youre furloughed. Youll be eligible for paid work through this scheme.

Types of work

Roles will be dependent on need and your level of experience. Roles could include:

  • providing people with direct care
  • wellbeing support such as check-in and chat
  • helping people with cooking and cleaning
  • administrative support

These roles could be in residential settings or in peoples own homes, supporting elderly people or learning-disabled adults.

Roles can be full-time or part-time.

How to register

The Department of Health and Social Care will pass your details to your local authority and local adult social care service providers. Your local authority or local adult social care provider will contact you directly about opportunities.

Every effort will be made to match you to a role, but this is dependent on the particular needs and capacity of the care providers in your local authority.

Your local authority or care provider may not contact you if theyre unable to match you to a role.

COVID-19 vaccination

If youre matched to a role, youll be classed as a key worker for the duration of your time working in adult social care.

Were currently vaccinating frontline health and social care workers and the most vulnerable. If youre matched to a role, you would be included in your local COVID-19 vaccine deployment programme. Your local authority will provide more information.

Careers in social care

If youre interested in social care as a career rather than a short-term role, visit the Everyday is Different website to find out more and apply for jobs.

Read the press release: public urged to consider work in adult social care

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