Detailed guide: Register your S1 form in Spain online

If you cannot visit an INSS office in person, you can register your S1 form online instead.

Some parts of the process are either in Spanish or need to be completed in Spanish.

Before you start

Youll need digital copies of the following documents:

  • your S1 form
  • a completed healthcare application form (only available in Spanish)
  • your padrn certificate
  • your passport
  • your green A4 or credit-card-sized residency certificate (residencia) or new TIE card (Tarjeta de Identidad Extranjera)

If youve applied for your TIE card but not yet received it, you can include a copy of the confirmation that your application has been approved (resolucin favorable) by the Spanish authorities.

The total size of all these files must be maximum 10MB.

Youll also need:

  • an email address
  • a Spanish telephone number
  • your NIE (nmero de identidad de extranjero)

Register your details

The INSS website has an online registration form.

The form is in Spanish.

This version is for people who are not registered with the INSS website. If youre already registered, you should log into your account first.

Add your personal details, including your NIE (nmero de identidad de extranjero) and Spanish telephone number.

Youll also need to add the following information:

  • from the Categora dropdown, select the first option, Asistencia Sanitaria
  • in the text box asking to explain the reason for your request (Explique el motivo de su escrito, solicitud o comunicacin), write Register S1 form in Spanish: Inscripcin del formulario S1.

Upload your files

Attach all the documents listed at the start of this guide.

Make sure that the total of your attachments is no more than 10MB.

Submit your form

Youll receive an email confirming youve submitted your documents.

The INSS will contact you if they need further information or if you need to book an appointment to visit an INSS office.

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