Detailed guide: Help the government increase coronavirus (COVID-19) testing capacity

Published 8 April 2020
Last updated 18 November 2020 +show all updates

  1. In ‘Contact’ section, updated email address and removed phone numbers.

  2. Under further information, replaced the link ‘How commercially available coronavirus (COVID-19) diagnostics products are being evaluated’ with a link to ‘Assessment and procurement of coronavirus (COVID-19) tests’.

  3. Updated to say that the call for proposals to supply end-to-end serology testing has now closed. In addition, a link to guidance on antibody tests has been added to the ‘What’s needed’ section.

  4. The attachment ‘serology end-to-end guidance’ has been added to the 4th bullet point in the ‘What’s needed’ section.

  5. Added a request and specification to the ‘What’s needed’ section. The request is for groups of organisations that can deliver a high throughput, end-to-end process that integrates home-based blood sampling with lab processing, using an ELISA or equivalent antibody test at a specificity >98% and sensitivity >95%.

  6. Added link to provide new testing methods in 4 key areas.

  7. Added link to guidance on the criteria laboratories need to meet to partner with a local NHS trust.

  8. Added link to MHRA test specification.

  9. First published.

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