Detailed guide: Healthcare for UK nationals living in Romania

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This information is about living in Romania. Theres different guidance if youre visiting Romania.

You need to register with your local Health Insurance House (CAS in Romanian) to access state healthcare in Romania.

You have to pay to use parts of the state healthcare system, although some parts are free.

UK nationals usually access the Romanian healthcare system in one of these ways:

  • paying social security contributions
  • using a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) for temporary stays
  • registering a UK-issued S1 form with CAS
  • paying for private health insurance

Healthcare if you live and work in Romania

You must register as a resident in Romania if youre living there for more than 3 months.

To access state healthcare, most people need to be making social security contributions and register with CAS.

Some people can register with CAS without making social security contributions, including:

  • children under 18
  • students aged 18 to 26 with no income (if theyre a registered Romanian resident)
  • disabled people who have a certificate of proof
  • pregnant women who earn below the Romanian minimum wage

Your dependants (for example, a husband or wife with no income) are entitled to register with CAS through your social security contributions.

You may be entitled to a Romanian EHIC for travel, including visits to the UK.

You may also have the right to apply for a UK S1 if you start drawing a UK State Pension.

How to register

You must be a resident of Romania to register for state healthcare.

If youre employed, your employer will register you with CAS. Your social security contributions will come out of your salary before youre paid.

If youre self-employed, you need to give a tax declaration to the tax authorities (Agen?ia Na?ional? de Administrare Fiscal? (ANAF)) and arrange to make social security contributions. Then register with CAS.

If you are not working and you are not someones dependant, you need register with the tax authorities (ANAF) and arrange to make social security contributions. Then register with CAS.

Once CAS has confirmed your application, youll get a health card (Card Na?ional de Asigur?ri de S?n?tate) in the post.

To register with a GP, go to your nearest CAS office. Theres a CAS office in the main city of each county.

How much youll pay

You have to pay to use parts of the state healthcare system in Romania, although some parts are free.

Charges are usually between 10% and 80% of the cost of treatment.

For prescription medicines, the minimum youll pay is 10% of the cost. The maximum youll pay is the full cost.

GP appointments and A&E visits are both free of charge.

If youre hospitalised because a doctor says you need to go to hospital, you may be charged around 2.50 euros when youre discharged.

Dental care is not usually free, and most dentists have private practices. You can get emergency free dental care at some health centres and state hospitals.

If your UK employer has sent you to Romania temporarily (posted workers)

A posted worker, also known as a detached worker, is someone employed or self-employed in the UK, but temporarily sent to a European Economic Area (EEA) country.

UK posted workers can access healthcare in Romania using an EHIC, GHIC or S1 form.

HMRC has a helpline for National Insurance enquiries from non-UK residents. They can answer questions about posted worker status and explain which documents you will need to get healthcare while posted.

UK-funded healthcare: using an S1 form in Romania

Theres different guidance if you have an S1 as a posted worker.

You may be entitled to state healthcare paid for by the UK if youre living in Romania and receive a UK State Pension.

You may also be entitled to an S1 form if youre a frontier worker (someone who works in one state and lives in another). You must contact HMRC National Insurance enquiries to find out if youre eligible.

If you started living in Romania before 1 January 2021, you may also be entitled to an S1 if you receive some other exportable benefits.

Once you have an S1 form, you must register it on the Romanian system.

This will mean you and your dependants will be entitled to healthcare in Romania on the same basis as a Romanian citizen.

Youll also get:

Dependants and family members may be classified differently in Romania than the UK.

Check with the local authorities when you register your S1 form.

How to get an S1 form

If you have a UK State Pension, you must request an application form by phone from NHS Overseas Healthcare Services.

NHS Overseas Healthcare Services
Telephone: +44 (0)191 218 1999
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
Saturday, 9am to 3pm

How to use an S1 form in Romania

You must register as a resident before registering your S1.

You must register your S1 form with CAS in your local area. There is a CAS office in the main city of each county.

Once registered, youll get a health card (Card Na?ional de Asigur?ri de S?n?tate). This will show youre entitled to healthcare on the same basis as a Romanian citizen.

Studying in Romania

You can use an EHIC or GHIC to get medically necessary healthcare until the end of your study period.

Getting treatment in the UK

Some former UK residents do not have to pay for NHS treatment when visiting England. This includes UK nationals who started living in the EU before 1 January 2021.

Read more about healthcare when you no longer live in the UK.

If you return to live in the UK youll be able to use the NHS like any other UK resident.

Read more about using the NHS when you return to live in the UK.

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